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We provide workplace safety training courses, by certified trainers


Employers and employees must work together to maintain a safe working environment.  Cooperation and success stem from each group understanding the other’s role, everyone has their own responsibilities to meet.

To ensure everyone is doing his or her part, most regulatory bodies will delineate responsibilities related to work related safety for both the employer and the employee.  Both employers and or employees can face termination, fines, and/or jail time for failing to follow applicable safety regulations.

As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a safe work environment, that the materials, tools and equipment are safe to use, and that your employees are trained to perform their duties safely.

True North Safety and Risk Management Inc. is an important part of your team.  We help you as an employer, by providing Workplace Safety Training Courses, consulting services and site inspections/audits to ensure that all applicable legislative, codes of practice, as well as any other standards, rules and procedures are followed.  Also, as professional and certified trainers we provide the necessary training to make sure that your workers are competent and equipped with the required knowledge to safely perform their assignments.

As an employee or worker wishing to add to their skill level, True North Safety and Risk Management Inc. provides many safety related certification courses that are required at many worksites.  Here you will receive the knowledge and skills needed in order to perform your tasks competently and safely.

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