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WorkSafeBC developed a suite of 3 workplace first aid courses called Occupational First Aid (OFA). OFA Level 1 training is a face to face, instructor-led certificate program that gives a workplace first aid attendant the essential skills to identify and manage common types of injuries that can occur on a job. 

The OFA Level 1 course is a basic first aid course as defined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and was recently updated to align the course competencies with CSA Standard Z1210-17. OFA Level 1 first aid services are appropriate whenever the number of workers on site meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.


The Level 1 course includes minor wound and musculoskeletal (sprains and strains) injury management that may allow an injured person to return to work following the assessment and treatment. OFA Level 1 first aid training also gives the attendant the basic skills to recognize and manage life-threatening emergencies. Basic life support skills that will keep an injured person alive until more qualified help can arrive. The OFA Level 1 course competencies include recognition and management of; 

  • The rescue scene including ensuring hazards are addressed 
  • Major bleeding, airway management/choking and CPR/AED, 
  • Common medical emergencies including shock (diabetic and severe allergies), unconsciousness, fainting, seizures, stroke, heart attack and more
  • Minor wound and sprain/strain management, records, reports and return to work strategies


You must have the physical ability to perform first aid skills required to complete the learning tasks. No previous first aid training is required. To be a workplace designated first aid attendant in BC, you must be at least 16 years old. 


Successful completion of this OFA level 1 course requires candidates to participate during the role-play practical components and demonstrate competency of all practical skills that are designated as critical skills, and achieve 70% on a 20 to 25 question multiple-choice written exam. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a WorkSafeBC OFA Level 1 certificate valid for three years.


The OFA Level 1 course includes 7 hours of instruction, or 8 to 8.5 hours if factoring in nutrition and bio breaks. Each course can accommodate groups of up to 18 people however, due to current social distancing recommendations, smaller group sizes will be implemented until further notice. True North Safety offers a model learning atmosphere with well-equipped facilities and clean and comfortable floors for the hands-on portions of the course.  

COURSE TUITION – competitive

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Cancellation Policy 
To reschedule or cancel a course (and get a refund) it is necessary to give us a 48-hours notice prior to the course.  The only exceptions are medical and familiar emergencies.

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