Three Multi-Ethnic construction workers in uniform standing at construction site with crane in background, discussing building plans while holding blueprint at sunset under the tower crane.
True North Safety



Interested in becoming a Safety Coordinator for the construction industry?

In recent years, there is a trend for builders and contractors to pay more attention to safety-related matters than ever before. It is a fact that companies embracing safety perform better and have a higher retention percentage in their workforce.

A Construction Safety Officer ensures that construction workers are following established policies and safety regulations.

Packages and prices

  • Package A: CSO Course  – Part-time, evenings and weekends – $1500.00
    (4 weeks, 24 hrs)
  • Package B: CSO Course plus OFA 2 – $2000.00
    (4 weeks + 2 more weeks for OFA level 2) 
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience on the construction site
  • Must be 18 or older


4 weeks course

Tuesday and Thursday           6pm -10pm
Saturday and Sunday             9am – 5pm



Why choose True North Safety ?

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